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WhatsApp Messages

Increase guest engagement and revenue by communicating with guests through WhatsApp. This article includes setup instructions for completing your WhatsApp connection.

In This Article:

How do WhatsApp ,messages work with Duve?

Using Duve, you can communicate with guests through WhatsApp to send scheduled and manual messages to guests. The first WhatsApp message you sent out to guests must be from a pre-approved template. Once the guest replies to you message, you will have 24 hours to communicate with guests using open text messages.

In order to ensure you are able to collect the details you need and fully engage guests, we created message templates for every step of the guest journey including: 

  • Pre-check-in wizard – A message to invite guests to complete the online check-in and provide all the details you need before guests arrive.
  • Arrival Message – A message that can be timed for arrival day, or the day before, and contains important information, instructions or access codes. 
  • After check-in message– A message you can send guests after they check-in, welcoming them, and making sure they have everything they need.
  • Pre-check-out Wizard- A message inviting guests to complete the check-out wizard where they have both check-out instructions and review optimization. 
Sending Scheduled messages through WhatsApp

In your settings page, go to the communication tab and scroll down to the Pre scheduled messages section. Click add new to schedule a new message, or on an existing message if wish to edit it. 

First, select a name for your message, This name will not be visible to your guests and will only be used internally. 

Next, select how you want your scheduled message to be sent. Check the boxes of the sending method you would like to use. 

The next step is to select a user from your company that will appear as the sender. Then, select who you want this message to be sent to. You can customize this by tag, reservation status, booking source, and advanced conditions such as all guests who did not complete your pre-check-in or guests that are In-house. 

Next, select when you want your message to be sent. You can select a specific time or a time that is based on your guests’ check-in or check-out.

Lastly, select the message you would like to send from the drop down options. Once your guests reply to the message, you will be able to reply using an open text message you create.  

Sending your arrival message via WhatsApp – Coming Soon

Sending an Arrival message by WhatsApp allows you to ensure your guests are getting the most important information through the same channels they constantly check and use. 

In your settings page go to the communication tab and scroll down to the arrival message section. Then open the ‘By WhatsApp’ option. 

In the WhatsApp settings, you are able to view the arrival message template and edit the landing page link, which is the link to the arrival info in your GuestApp.

By default, the message will include a link to your arrival info post, which is a post that is created automatically with the guest’s arrival details that they entered when completing the pre-check-in, and property address. You are able to edit the link so that your guests will view any custom post you created.

WhatsApp messages fees

The fee for sending WhatsApp message varies depending on the country and by message type you send. For every template message you send, you will be charged between $0.02- $0.7 depending on the country code of the message, (see country price chart below) and will include an additional 0.0065$.

Non-template messages, which you are able to send once guests reply to a template message you send, are rated at 0.065$ per message, regardless of the country of the sender and the receiver. 

CountryFirst 250K messagesNext 750KNext
> 25M
Saudi Arabia$0.03380$0.03224$0.02990$0.02678$0.02678$0.02678$0.02678$0.02678
South Africa$0.02600$0.02457$0.02249$0.01963$0.01963$0.01963$0.01963$0.01963
United Arab Emirates$0.03055$0.02990$0.02912$0.02795$0.02795$0.02795$0.02795$0.02795
United Kingdom$0.05174$0.05057$0.04940$0.04602$0.04251$0.03900$0.03900$0.03900
North America*$0.01105$0.01079$0.01040$0.00949$0.00845$0.00754$0.00754$0.00754
Rest of Africa*$0.07488$0.07293$0.07111$0.06552$0.05993$0.05447$0.05447$0.05447
Rest of Asia Pacific*$0.06565$0.06461$0.06357$0.06032$0.05720$0.05395$0.05395$0.05395
Rest of Central & Eastern Europe*$0.08047$0.07878$0.07709$0.07215$0.06708$0.06214$0.06214$0.06214
Rest of Latin America*$0.06695$0.06565$0.06435$0.06058$0.05668$0.05278$0.05278$0.05278
Rest of Middle East*$0.06682$0.06578$0.06487$0.06188$0.05889$0.05590$0.05590$0.05590
Rest of Western Europe*$0.09750$0.09594$0.09438$0.08957$0.08476$0.07995$0.07995$0.07995

In This Article