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View all the past and future reservations listed in your company.

Important Note: When opening the page, the Check-in Date range will always be pre-populated with the future month’s reservations.

To view In House guests, 

The In-House page has an automatic filter for In-House guests, including guests who are checking-in today or checking-out today.

Features of the Main Table:

  • Rental Name
  • Guest Name
  • Guest Email
  • Reservation Status
    • Before check-in: Future reservation, when the guest hasn’t complete the pre check-in wizard.
    • Pre Checked-in: The guest filled the pre check-in wizard.
    • Checked-in: Guest has arrived.
    • Pre Checked-out: Guest has completed pre check-out. 
    • Canceled: The reservation was canceled
  • Check in Date
  • Check out Date
  • External ID
  • Source: Name of Booking Source will show here.
  • Created at: Time the Reservation was created in Duve.

At the top of the page, there are more filters for this table, such as Address, City, Guest phone number. To choose columns to display, sort via the top right icon. To export reservation information to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, click the three dots icon.

Each column can be sorted alphabetically or by date by clicking the title of the specific column.

Unique Reservation page

All the relevant details of the reservation are being updated automatically from your vacation rental software (PMS or channel manager) or from your iCal connection to the Reservation page.

At the top of the page beside the guest name, there is a link to their guest app and below, you can view the guest status (pre checked-in, checked in, pre checked-out.

The top fields under the guest status show all the information Duve received when this reservation was created including the guest info, booking source and external reservation ID.

The Reservation page has all the action buttons that also exist in the Tasks page – Send the Confirmation email, Start chat, Send pre check-in email, Send arrival info & codes (by email, SMS or both) and send pre check-out email. Each automated communication can be turned off manually from the Reservation page. 

The time, date and number of messages sent to the guest will show next to each action button. 

Guest Information

This section will show all the contact information for each guest in the reservation, which will be made into guest profiles. From this guest profile, the guest will be able to access their mobile key in their Guest App and the Guidebook pages.

Add Unique Codes

Unique access codes that are imported from the PMS will show here for each reservation and can also be managed manually.

Assign Team Members

In this section, a user can assign team members to the reservation. If team members have been auto-assigned to the Room/ Rental, they will show as auto-assigned here. If there are team members in charge of the Check-In, Check-out or Cleaning of this Room/ Rental, it will show on the Tasks page when new reservations are created in Duve. 

Check-in Details

The pre check-in details are filled in by the guest’s completed pre check-in wizard sent from Duve. Next to the headline, there is the pre check-in wizard link which can be copied and shared with your guest manually if needed.

The pre check-in details include verified or updated number of guests, the guest’s personal email, and phone number, answers to any custom questions, the guest’s arrival time to the room/ rental, transportation type (plane, train etc), and selected check-in method.

Arrival Information such as estimated check-in time, arrival transportation method and selected check-in method is entered by the guest from the pre check-in. If the guest has selected a smart early check-in, the check-in method and the amount paid will show in this field. The date and time the Terms and Conditions were agreed on (when the guest started the Pre Check-in) and the recorded IP address is shown here.

To read more on the pre check-in wizard please click here.

Pre check-out Details

The guest’s completed check-out details such as the guest’s check-out time. The field can be edited manually if needed.


This section shows a breakdown of the accommodation payment as well as any extra services and taxes paid by the guest. This section can be edited on Duve or pulled from your PMS/CM. 


The Additional Services will show the security deposit, any custom services and upsells purchased. If the Security Deposit needs to be claimed, the user can claim the deposit here. Please note that once the security deposit is claimed in a specific amount, it can not be re-claimed for more or less than originally claimed. 

Check-in requirements

A user can override the default options created in Settings for the Check-in requirements and customize them for this reservation only.



Under the notes you have the notes Duve pulled from the PMS/ Channel manager if exist, and you have the option to add your own internal notes on Duve, which will not be visible to the guest.


The Documents field shows all the documents uploaded by the guest, type of documents and the date and time received. A user can upload documents manually by clicking ‘Add New’.

Duve doesn’t save a copy of the guests scanned items. (ex. Documents/Passport scan, Credit Card scans)



The Satisfaction section will show the guest’s feedback on issues with the rental, the ratings by stars for the Staff, Cleanliness and Overall as well as the guest’s written overall review. 


Reservation Log

The Reservation Logs show the dates, times and recipients of the automated communications that were sent to the guest, including summaries and documents to the host. Any updates to the reservation will be logged here. 


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