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Basic Settings

In this post we will go over the basic settings for your guests online check-in wizard. 

Like all of the Duve features, the online check-in is by default OFF. You need to first complete the settings to best fit your property, a 10-15 minutes setup, and after you are done to enable it here. After You enable it and click on save, the system will start inviting your guests to complete their personal online check-in before their arrival.

Like all of the Duve platform, everything will be in the guest language – the emails inviting them to the online check-in and also the wizard itself. We determine the guest language best on their phone number.


Booking sources & status’s

Like every feature in Duve, you can customize it to be available to only some of your guests, based on their booking source or reservation status.

To set it up, click on the “Booking sources & Status’s” text, and in the popup, for every reservation status you can choose which booking sources will receive an automated message to complete the online check-in wizard, and which won’t.

On the top of the popup you can easily choose booking sources that this feature will not support them, no matter what their reservation status is.

When you are done, click on Update to save your setting.


Earliest check-in hour

Here you need to choose the standard earliest check-in hour you have in your property. If you want to offer smart early check-in upsells with additional costs, the setup will be in a different settings page, and here you still choose the standard check-in hour with no extra costs.



In order to make sure all your guests see the invite to complete the online check-in, we recommend having 1 invite + 2 smart reminders. Each reminder will be sent only to guests that did not complete the online check-in.
The default days are to send the first reminder 10 days before the guest arrival, with reminder 5 days before arrival and if it’s still not completed again 2 days before the guest arrival.
On top of this email reminders, you can add SMS or WhatsApp reminders in the Pre schedule messages settings.

By using the smart reminders you can reach 90% completion rate of the online check-in wizard (you can always track your statistics under our Analytics page.



In all the smart tools you can preview the wizards or emails just like your guests will before activating it. Just click on the preview button, and choose the property and email address, and you can experience your own customize online check-in wizard.

It is recommended to do this preview after you completed the online check-in settings before you enable this to your guests.

That’s is for basic settings page, let’s move on to the ‘Check-in options’ page.

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