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Creating your Guidebook

The Duve guidebook is a great opportunity to provide information to your guests, improve the level of service you offer and create a smoother reservation process.
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When will your guests see the guidebook?

The guidebook will appear in your guest area. Your Guests will be automatically redirected to the guest area after completing the pre-check-in and will be able to access it throughout their stay. To start creating your guidebook, click on the guidebook page in the sidebar menu. On the right side of the screen, you will have a complete preview of the guidebook and will be able to view all the categories and posts you create. ‚Äč


In order to add a new category, click ADD NEW and then choose 'category'.

You can create different categories in order to organize your posts. If you want to assign a post to a specific category, drag the post and place it under the right category.

If a category is empty and has no posts under it, it will not appear.

Creating New Posts

Click ADD NEW and then choose 'post' in order to add a new post:

Add a title and content blocks to your post. You can add as many content blocks as you want and rearrange their order by dragging the content block.

When choosing a text content block you have the option to personalize your content by using the dynamic parameters that are taken from your reservation details.

Remember to click Translate to all languages when creating content, so that the content will display in different languages according to the guest country

Adding posts from template

You can easily add a new post to your guest guidebook by copying posts from the suggested templates. Go to the suggested templates tab, hover over a specific post and click Add and Edit.

You will be able to alter and adapt the template post before saving it into your own guidebook.

Post Restrictions

By default, the posts you create will be visible to all your rentals/rooms. You can easily restrict posts so that they appear only for specific units. For example, if you want to create a post that is only relevant for 2 rentals/rooms, you can add these rentals/rooms to the post restriction box that appears on above the post title, making sure they will only be visible for those 2 units. Restrictions can be added when creating or editing a post. Please notice you cannot use both Rentals and Tags restriction.

Using the advance settings in the bottom of the post page, you can set an expiration date for posts, so that they are not visible past a specific date.

Guidebook view

Using the guidebook view drop down, you will be able to filter the guidebook content you want to see. By default, your guidebook view will be on the 'ALL' view, allowing you to see all the posts you created no matter what rental or tag they are associated with.

When choosing the ALL guidebook view, all post will appear with an icon on the right side of the row. the icon indicates the restriction that applies to the post.

Global posts - Posts that do not have any restrictions and are visible to all units. These posts will have a globe icon when using the All Guidebook view:

Tag restriction- Posts that are restricted to certain tags. When using the 'All' Guidebook view, these posts will appear with a tag icon and the name of the the tag:

Rental/Room restriction- posts that are visible only for specific rentals or rooms will have a location icon.

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