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Custom Services

Duve enables you to customise your upsells, by you or your suppliers, allowing you the opportunity to tailor your services to the guest’s needs and generate new revenues with no effortYou can easily add your services from Duve's pre-made templates, or build your own from scratch!

Watch the Video for an overview of the feature:

Set up your service

On the services page you can create all the settings to match your service, along with the following:

  1. Description & Highlights
  2. Pictures
  3. Availability
  4. Pricing & Cancellation policy
  5. Payment options
  6. Advanced options

While building your service the preview is always shown on the right of the screen. The preview displays how the guest will view it from their device (changes take effect on the template, every time you apply an update in a section).

Below you can find all the important settings and properties:

Description & Highlights:

This section explains exactly what your product/service entails, and what the guest will receive by purchasing this service. You also have the chance to add important information you don’t want them to miss.


We recommend that the title should be clear and to the point


The description allows you to expand on the title of your service, you can explain in detail what your service offers.


Add important details to entice your guest to buy this service. The important details may include the length of the tour, the location of the service, when the service should be booked, etc…

Address – If you have added an ‘address’, a map is automatically attached to the bottom of the product page.


Explain any information you would like to provide your guest, using the notes section. Under the notes, you can add as much information as you would like.

Important! The notes are added to the guest’s confirmation email.


Use our high-resolution pictures from our gallery or select your own to capture your audience. The first picture will be shown in the picture gallery, and you can change the order by dragging the pictures to the desired order.


There are two types of availability you can choose from – ‘Operating hours’ and ‘Selected hours’. These two types reflect the way the guest sees and chooses the date and hour of the service (if required), as detailed below:

Operating hours

This is useful for services that begin and end at a certain hour e.g.- Food delivery, Cleaning services, transportation etc. You can decide whether the guest can view the operating hours, or they need to choose a specific time from the range provided.

If the specific time you choose is required, then you can choose the time slots within the hour, meaning every 15,30 or 60 minutes.

Selected hour

This is useful for services that are only available at a specific time. (example: a guided tour that starts at 09:00 am, show tickets…)

Order in advance

If you want to provide your guest with a service where the supplier must be notified beforehand, then you can specify how many hours or days ahead the service can be booked. (if you don’t set this section clients will be able to book and pay for last min services)


Pricing and Cancellation Policy:


The supplier of the service can be yourself or an external provider. If the supplier is external you will need to add their basic details so they can get the reservations to their email address.

In the advanced settings of the product/service, you can set that the supplier’s phone number will be visible to the guests only after they place an order.

In the supported countries (view list here), you can invite the supplier to join Duve Automatic payments, and connect their account to Duve platform, for them to receive the guest payments by credit card automatically.

Pricing options

There are two types of pricing you can choose from – ‘Basic Service’ and ‘Advanced Service’.

Basic Service:

  • Price per unit
  • Fee – Will appear only if you use an external supplier. The fee is your company’s fee, and can be a fixed fee or by percentage.
  • Price and fees breakdown – when you hover over the exclamation mark, you will get the pricing breakdown between the supplier, your company and Duve service fee.
  • Product / Service – Select the most suitable description for the amount the guest will select.
  • Limit order to maximum… – Used to limit the amount the guest can order.

Important! For services that can not order more than one unit (for example, cleaning service), choose the limit as 1 unit, and the select amount section in the guest app will disappear for the guests.

Advanced Service:

Advanced services allow you to create all the different settings and pricing levels based on a selected variable.

You can add as many rows as you need.

  • Price –  e.g. price per child and price per adult.
  • Fee – Will appear only if you use an external supplier. The fee is your company’s fee, and can be a fixed fee or by percentage.
  • Price and fees breakdown – when you hover over the exclamation mark, you will get the pricing breakdown between the supplier, your company and Duve service fee.
  • Guest can select .. – set if the guests can order only one type of product you added, or combine from all the products you added.
    For example, for guided tours, that can be ordered for adults or children, you want the guest to be able to order in the same order for a few adults and a few children, but for mid-stay cleaning if the options are 3 hours of cleaning or 5 hours of cleaning, you need the guest to choose only one option.


Cancellation Policy

You can decide the refund your guest will receive depending on the time the guest cancels e.g. if the guest cancels 48 hours before they will receive 100% and if they cancel 6 hours before they will only receive 10% refund.

Payment options


Let your guest pay the full price for the service in cash.

Credit Card

This option is only available if you enabled the “Accept credit card payments” option.


If you turn on both options of cash and credit card, the guest will have the option to choose their preferred payment method.

Prepay the service fee by credit card and the remainder with cash

Ask the guest to pay only the fees by credit card and the rest in cash to the service supplier (fees include your company fee and Duve’s 10% service fee)

Advanced options

Add special request

You can add an open text box in the product page for the guests to add special requests to their order (for example in transportation you can add a special request field for luggage and baby seat).

Guest-app category

You can combine several products into specific categories that will be shown in the guest app (will be updated soon)

Badge Title & Color:

This is to a good idea to place a badge on a few services to increase attention.

Email options

  • Select which parameters will be included in the guest’s confirmation email
  • Select which parameters will be included in the supplier’s confirmation email
  • Add additional email addresses that will receive order notifications in addition to the service supplier.


Assign the product to a specific tag, so this product will appear only on the rentals that are associated with this tag (you can add a few tags per rental)


Well done you have completed the service set up!

As always, for any further assistance please feel free to contact us through the front desk chat messenger.


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