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Analytics & Reviews

The Analytics page is your look into how your guest engages with Duve Auto Communications, Guest App and Guidebook, and Upsells. 

At the top, the page can be filtered by Brand, Booking Sources and Date/Date Range. The fields show in the top row are averages of the amount of time of guest’s interactions with Duve services as calculated by Duve Analytics. The page’s default filter is by month.

Each percentage indicates an increase or decrease in engagement compared to the previous month (green for increase, red for decrease)


The Check-in analytics show the Conversation Rate for completing steps of the Pre Check-in wizard. The Auto-Collected by Duve shows all the statistics of information collected via the Pre Check-in for the month.


The Communication Hub analytics show the amount of messages sent to guests for the date/date range selected. This section is divided into auto-messages sent, incoming messages and manual messages sent. 

Guest App

The Guest App analytics show metrics such as Average Sessions per reservation, total languages engaged, and most popular posts engaged by the guests. Available Guest Apps represents the number of guests that have accessed the guest app during this period. 


The Analytics for the Upsells include the most popular product orders for the selected time period.

Pre Check-out

The Pre Check-out Analytics shows the Conversion Rate for completing steps of the Pre Check-out wizard. The total average guest rating by Duve shows all the information collected via the Pre Check-out for the month. To see the Review Insights, click through to the next page. 


The Reviews page is where you will find all the Property Comments and Reviews guests left within the Duve Pre Check-out. 


The page can be filtered by Date Range, Rental Name, Brand or Booking Source. 


This section is a snapshot of total Reviews for the selected date range, a user can view the total amount of Feedback received, Guest Satisfaction and Satisfaction over time based on the three ratings in a Line Graph.


Reviews & Comments

A user can view the guest name, reservation dates, rental name, star ratings, guest’s property feedback, and review after the guest has completed the Pre Check-Out.

If a user would like to message the guest, the Chat icon on the top right corner will trigger the Chat as a pop up window. 

A user can also open the Rental information and Reservation on the bottom of the Review and it will generate via the pop-up window.

A user can  export the information into an Excel spreadsheet in the top right corner of the Reviews & Comments page.


A user can view the Rental Name, Check-out Date, Guest Name and the guest ratings based on Staff, Cleanliness and Overall Experience. These columns can be filtered and exported to an Excel spreadsheet. 

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