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Control and customize all the different parts of your Duve account.


Quick links:

General tab

Company’s info

In the general settings, you can set the company’s information, the logo and the social network links you use.

Third party

In order for Duve to sync with your PMS or channel manager, you can choose the name of the 3rd party system you use, and enter the user name and password of the API connection to the system.

Please pay attention, in some systems, the user name and password to the API connection is different that the standard identification details.


In this section, you manage the Users of the company. You can add as many users as you wish.
You have 3 types of users –
1. Team member – this is a role for a permanent employee in the company, that need access to the Front-Desk system. He has an access to all the functionalities of the platform, except the access to users area.  After adding his details, he will receive a link to his email address, to choose a password and complete his registration to the Front desk system.
2. Service provider – this is a role for a non-permanent employee of the company, and that doesn’t need access to the Front Desk system.
After adding a service provider, he will not receive an email to register to the front desk system.
3. Manager – as the Manager of the company, this user will access to all the functionalities of the platform.

Notification Emails

Here you can choose which email addressed receive which email notifications.
You can add a number of email address for each notification type, by separating each email address by space bar.

Communication tab

In the communication tab, you can setup all the tools that will help you to stay engaged with your guests in a personal and automated way.

Confirmation email

Customize and activate Duve designed confirmation emails. Click here to read more.

Arrival emails timing

You can set for Duve to automatically send your guests their arrival information. You can also set How many days before arrival the message will be sent, and at what local time.

Click here to read more.

Pre Scheduled message’s

Free your time and set up automated chat messages and SMSs that will be sent to your guests with all the needed information at the most suitable time.

Click here to read more.

Arrival SMS message

Here you can edit the manual SMS message that will be send yo your guests when you send the arrival message by SMS manually in the tasks pag or in the reservation page.

Click here to read more.

Chat opening hours

Here you control in which days and hours the guests will see you available for chat conversations from the tablet.
If you are close for an entire day, remove the check from the box near the day name.
You can also enter the emergency phone number for each day.

Check-in Tab

Check-In & Out settings

Determine your standards for the earliest check-in time and the latest check-out hour.
These parameters will be in use in the pre check-in email, where the guest needs to choose his estimated time of arrival, and in the digital check-in process, where the guest needs to choose his estimated check-out time.

Check-in options

You can add your available check-in methods for the guest’s pre check-in process. For example, rather the check-in will be in the office or at the apartment. For each method, you need to add the days & hours it’s available and the description. 

You can create specific check-in options for specific rentals, by going into the rental’s page, and click on “Override check-in options”.


You can set a different cost for each method and for each time frame inside the method.

Pre-Check in email timing

You can choose how many days before arrival a guest will receive the automatically pre check-in email. There is
also an option to add auto reminders if the guests didn’t fill the pre check-in details.

Customized automation tools

You can customize what parts of the pre check-in would be mandatory and which won’t, by the booking source!

Guest area tab

Personal Area additional information

Add your unique posts to your guests’ app.  You can also add unique posts per rental in the unique rental page.


Add frequently asked questions relevant to your company, and your guests will see them at their guest app.

About Us

Add your own information that will be shown to your guest in their guest app. Build a brand and get more returning guests.

Check-out tab

Pre check out timing

You can choose when your guests will receive the pre check-out Wizard.  You can Click here to read more.

Here you can also add a pre check-out review link. This link will be presented to your guests if they leave a good review (above 4.5 stars), and didn’t book their stay from airbnb or booking .com.

Check Out Instructions & Late check-out policy

You can add in this section instructions for your guests’ check-out that are valid for all your properties. To do it, click on “Add instruction”, write the instruction and click on “Add”.

In the section after, you can also add a “Late check-out policy” for the guests that want to do the check-out after the later check-out hour that you defined.

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