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Arrival Message & Release Codes by SMS

A few days before your guests' arrival, you can share with them all the important information for their arrival and the rentals codes to their email address and by SMS.

You can set Duve to send the arrival emails automatically or you can send it manually for each reservation.

These are the optional details that are listed in the arrival email  –

  1. The rental’s full address, number, and floor (if specified)
  2. The rentals’ lock code or key box code.
  3. The building front door code.
  4. WiFi name & password.
  5. The check-in information based on the check-in option the guest chose in the pre check-in wizard.
  6. The rental listed “Guest notes”, that can be updated for every rental.
  7. Link to the guest app, that holds all the information listed in the arrival email and more.


This details will appear if they are listed on the rentals page. If they are not listed, the whole row will disappear.

If you choose to send the arrival message manually, to can send it also by SMS. In addition, you can add each time different Rental lock code and building entrance code.

How to do it?

You can send the message manually either from the Tasks page, in both the list view and the calendar view, or directly from a Reservation page.

In the Tasks – ‘list view’, locate the reservation you wish to release it’s codes to the guest (by going to the date of the check-in of the reservation). After that, click on the Lock icon on the right end of the reservation, that you want to release its codes, another pop-up will appear, where you can add the rental lock code or key box code, and the building entrance code  if needed (which is not saved in the system), or just click on “send”:


In the Tasks – ‘Grid view’, click on the reservation that you want to release its codes, a pop-up will appear – click on “Release codes” on the right side of the menu.


After you released the apartment codes, you can see it on the reservation. To view this, go on the “Reservation” page, click on the reservation that you sent the codes, scroll down to “Check In & Out”.
You will see on the right side “Sent (number) emails (last mail’s date)”.

If you wish view and edit the arrival message by SMS, log in to the setting page – go to the ‘communication’ tab, and under ‘Arrival SMS message’ you can customize the message.

If you edit the the message, you need to click on “Translate to all languages” in order for the changes to take affect in all languages.

If you wish to send this message automatically by SMS, you can  copy this message, and paste it in a new “pre schedule message”.

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