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The Dashboard

Welcome to the Duve Dashboard, where we give you a high-level view of your hosting status, in real time.

Today’s Overview

In this section, you can view the daily Tasks in your account.

If you click on each box, you will be forwarded to the section of the Tasks page to view the status of all the sub-tasks.


This section shows an Overview of the total occupancy for your company’s accommodation for the month. The percentage shown is the occupancy percentage for the month. 

This section can also be filtered to show occupancy for past or future months. 

Uncompleted pre check-ins

Each day, you will see the number of guests that haven’t completed their Pre Check-In wizard for today and the next 2 days.

When hovering over a number, you will see the number of uncompleted check-ins out of the total number of check-ins for that day. The red icon shows that there are incomplete pre check-ins. 

You will also see two action buttons:

  • Envelope – This button will send another Pre Check-In reminder by email to all the uncompleted pre check-ins for that day (in addition to the automatic reminders).
  • Lock – This button will send the Arrival Email with the relevant codes (if listed on the Rentals/ Rooms page) to all the check-ins for that day.

Guest Satisfaction

This sections shows the average ratings that your guests left on the Pre Check-out wizard. This section can be filtered by Overall Guest Satisfaction, by a recent month or past years. For more details, visit the Analytics & Reviews section

Completion Tips

In this section, Duve will show sections of the guest information or automation tools that need to be updated. It is sorted by importance level and is updated each time the Dashboard is loaded. The Number that appears in each row indicates the number of rooms/ rentals with missing information.

Click on a row to update or complete the missing information. 

Your Guest’s Experience

The right hand side of the page shows an overview of all the Duve automation tools in your account.

At each point of the guest journey, you can view the status of the Duve automation tool for the day. Active tools will show as green and inactive tools will show as red.

For more information, click the tool to experience a setup tutorial of the service for a demo room/ rental or one of your own rooms/ rentals. You can also edit the tool from this page. 

Happy Hosting!

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