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Duve makes managing your guests easy and smart. The best way to start setting up your Duve account, is by watching our short video, showing you the key features of Duve, mainly from your guests point of view, but with a lot of examples for the managers.

Bringing your own brand, culture, and experience into the digital platform is crucial for creating and delivering a new and relevant guest experience.

Duve empowers you to digitize your entire guest experience from the moment the booking is confirmed until the check-out, using numerous smart and fully customized automation tools.

Duve manages all the different steps of your guest journey in one platform, customized with your own style and unique way of hosting. By digitally transforming your property you will notice a dramatic impact on the day to day operations as well as in your guest satisfaction and rating.

By default, all Duve automated tools are OFF for new accounts. You need to setup the different tools to the way of your operation, and simply enable them with one simple click.

In this article we will go over the main smart tools Duve offers.

Online Check-in 

After you enable the online check-in wizard, Duve will contact your guests by email, SMS or WhatsApp with smart reminders, and in the guest’s language. This is how Duve achieves our high percentage of guests using the online check-in – ~80% in average!

With our easy setup process, you can setup the check-in wizard and have it ready for your guests in 10 minutes.

To get started click here for the full support article of how to set up your online check in wizard. 

Confirmation email

The branded confirmation email is a personalized and beautifully designed email your guests can receive immediately after they book one of your properties.

The difference between Duve confirmation email from the ones the guests receives from the different OTAs, is that this is YOUR company’s email. That means this is where you start engaging personally with YOUR guests. Sending more information about your company, check-in and check-out, social media links, and get them excited about their stay and let them feel they booked in the right place.

To get started click here for the full support article of how to set up your own branded confirmation email, with auto translation to 16 languages.

Communication Hub & Auto-messages

The Communication Hub is the guest engagement control center where hoteliers and property managers can view, automate, manage and customize all guest communication and conversations.

The Communication hub is also an Omnichannel that centralized all different kind of guest communication into one interface – Emails, Chat, SMS and WhatsApp. It also supports real time translation to and from your guests!

Here you can broadcast messaged to multiple guests at once, for example to make announcements or updates using smart filters, and add automatic messages to be sent to your guests with many smart conditions (for example guests that didn’t complete the online check-in, guests that left more than 4.5 stars review, etc’).

To learn more on how to use the communication hub, click here for the full article.

Branded Guest App

Engage with your guests from the moment the booking is confirmed, offering them access to information, recommendations, upsells, and more in your own branded guest app!

Your branded guest app is a web-app, so there is no need for the guests to download any app (which lowers the usage by dozens of percentages). It is a private link created for every reservation that your guest receives through the email and SMS of WhatsApp usually after completing the online-check-in, and is accessible to them in their own language until the check-out.

The branded guest app also includes a personal area with the guests’ reservation info as well as chat, map view with local recommendation and attractions, Wifi details, door lock (if in use), house manual and with Duve advanced CMS (content management system) you can add everything you wish for your guests  to have included Videos, Images, PDF’s, Links and Maps.

To get started click here for the full support article of how to manage your new guest app.

Upsells - increase revenue with a personal touch

Increase your revenue per guest by offering additional upsells and services, effortlessly. Duve smart processes enable you to offer the right service at the right time for every guest for the best conversation rate in the market.

You can upsell either your in-house services (where you are the supplier) or connect 3rd party suppliers to offer their services to your guests, like transportation or guided tours companies. You can also choose services from the Duve-Marketplace which is packed with local suppliers all around the world with tour and activities with real time pricing and availability, and earn your extra commission from Duve.

With Duve e-commerce platform, you can create any service you wish to offer to your guests, and enable them to order and pay by their credit card or by cash/ add to hotel room. Duve connects to a few credit card processors that supports 99% of the countries in the world.

Some of the popular upsells are the system smart tools – Early check-in, late check-out, and room-upgrade, which all of them connected to your availability to know when it can be offered. Other popular services are airport transport, welcome package, guided tours, parking, welcome packages etc’.

To start exploring the Duve Upsells world, click here to read the full article.

Digital Check-out & Reviews optimization

Using Duve you can say goodbye to your guests the right way and eliminate the front-desk queues. At the time of your choice, your guests will receive a pre-check-out wizard by email, SMS or WhatsApp, coordinating the check-out with instructions, view relevant last minute upsells as well as go through the smart reviews system.

Your guests will be able to check-out by themselves, check and pay for their bill online fast and easy.

To get started click here for the full support article of how to set up your digital check-out wizard.

These are only the highlights of Duve we recommend you to start with. If you are looking for specific capabilities, we recommend you to use the search box on the top of the knowledge base, or go to the FAQ page.




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