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Pre scheduled messages

It is important to send your guests the needed information at a suitable time. For that, we present you the Duve Automatic messages.

In this post, you will learn how to configure your automatic messages, how to configure the rules for each message and in which platforms to send them.

Set Pre-scheduled message

Inside the Settings > Automation tools, you will find the Duve Pre schedule messages settings.

In the first table, you will see all the pre-schedule messages you already created, where you can turn them on/off, edit them and add a new automatic message.

When you click on edit or add a new message, you will be forward to the ‘schedule-message’ edit page. In this page, you can set up all the needed information for the automated messages.

1. General

At first, you need to name the new message rule. This name is for internal use only, and won’t be visible to your guests.

You can choose rather send this schedule message via SMS or through the Duve chat or both. If this is the first message you configure to send by SMS, you will need to activate the SMS by Duve feature first. On the ‘billing page’ click on “Learn more” to get to the billing page and enable the feature. 

2. From

You can choose from which user to send the message in the chat messages. This is not relevant for SMS messages.

3. Send to

You can configure the audience of your message with the combination of two factors:


Here you can tag specific properties if you want the messages to be sent only to the guests who are renting those.

Reservation Status

From the drop-down menu, you choose to send the message only to guests with a confirmed reservation or to those who don’t. If you don’t choose neither option, the message will be sent to all of your guests.

Booking source

You can choose some or all the booking sources you receive reservations from (Airbnb, Booking.Com, Expedia etc.) in your system.


Here you can choose the guest condition that will receive the automatic message.
For example –

    • Guest completed pre check in
    •  Guest completed pre check out
  • Overall guest satisfaction score is 5 stars
4. When

In the Trigger box, you set up the unique rule that makes Duve send this specific message. You can send every message and SMS before, after or at a certain event.

For example, you can set an automated message to be sent 2 hours after your guest ‘estimated check-in’ time, making sure all is well in the apartment.

5. Message text

Write the message you wish to send to your guest. You can make every message personal for your guest, by adding a dynamic parameter. The dynamic parameters are details from the reservation or the property info or your company data. For example, you can add to the message the guest name, the property address, the building code etc.

Below the text box, you have the dynamic parameters options. You can click on one of the parameters type and then choose the data that you want to add from the reservation, the property or from the company data. Click on “copy” and paste each of your copied data to the selected place in the message box.

After you finish writing the text message, you can translate it automatically to all the different languages Duve support in one click.

Enabling SMS by Duve

In order to start using the SMS by Duve feature, you need to enable it on the billing page.

This needs to be done as there is a charge for sending some SMS messages through the Duve system. To read more about the SMSs by Duve feature, click here.

General SMS information

    • Each SMS segment includes 153 GSM-7 characters (Latin characters) or 67 UCS-2 characters (other characters and special symbols).
    • After enabling the SMSs by Duve, your guests will also be able to reply directly to your messages. Please pay attention the pricing also includes SMSs you receive from your guests.
  • You can find the SMSs by Duve full pricing by clicking here.
    Please be aware that the pricing is determined by the guests’ carrier.
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