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Avaibook Integration

This article explains the steps required to integrate Duve with your Avaibook account. In order to begin, you must  register at the Duve website and complete the registration. 

1. Select Avaibook as the system you want to sync with

After completing the Duve registration, you are asked to choose a system you want to sync with. Select Avaibook from the dropdown menu. 

2.  Copy the rental iCal from your Avaibook account into the empty iCal field

What is an iCal?

An iCal is a protocol that syncs all your bookings in an online Calendar and like that updates automatically your properties’ availability in each booking websites you use and in the Duve system. It looks like this:

In order to find the iCal, go to channel manager and click on the Crear Sincronizacion button

Select iCal plus as your portal, select an accommodation you want to get the iCal for and type the name for the iCal

After clicking accept, you will see the iCal at the bottom of the window. Copy it and past it into Duve, then click connect. 

Repeat these step with all the rentals you want to connect to Duve. After pasting all the iCals you are done. You will be able to see the rentals and reservations in your Duve account. 

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