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Pre Check-out Wizard

Before your guests' departure, Duve will communicate with them to get their check-out time, and share your late check-out policy and check-out instructions.

Research shows that more than 85% of the travelers book their accommodation based on the internet reviews. For that, we offer you Duve intelligent reviews system, that gives you the option to contain low rating reviews inside the agency and pushes excellent reviews to outside websites as booking. com, Airbnb, TripAdvisor and more.

In the company’s settings page, you can set exactly when Duve will send your guests the pre check-out wizard.

This is the first page of the pre check-out coordination wizard:

In the first stage of the wizard, the guest will be asked to choose his check-out time.

The latest time the guest can choose, it’s the “Latest check out hour” is written in the company’s settings page.

Below that, the company can add its “late check out policy” in the settings page. Doing that, if the guest wants to stay around after the company’s latest check-out hour, he will know what to do.

Here is an example of a check out policy-

“If you wish to stay around later than our latest check-out time, you can contact us for a late check-out package, which will let you stay in the apartment as late as 19:00 pm, in the cost of 60$. This option depends on availability.

We also offer a free storage for your luggage in the company’s office, that is open Monday to Thursday until 18:00.

The offices are located at XXXX.”

In the second screen of the wizard, the guest will view the check-out instructions of the company, that can be added to the company’s settings page.

Below that the guest can leave a comment about the rental’s status, if something is missing or need to be taken care of by the host in the rental itself.

In the 3rd screen, the guests can add a taxi to pick them up from the rentals to the airport/ train station, or  simply skip this option.

After that, the guest starts Duve’s review stages.

The first step is to ask the guest to leave a rating and about his stay-

If he leaves a very good review of 4.5 stars or more,  he will get a message thanking him for the stay and the goos reviews, and reminding him that in a few days he will receive an email from the OTA he booked with (Airbnb, Booking, Expedia), annd kindly reminding him to leave his review over there.

If the guest did not book from one of those OTA’s, he will be shown with a link that the you have listed in the settings page under “Pre Check-out review Link”, or that is listed in the rental’s page.

If the guest leaves a medium or poor review,  we will ask the guest to leave a full review through Duve, and fill in more details. By doing so, you can get control on this guest experience before he shares his review with 3rd party websites (such as Airbnb, Booking. com, TripAdvisor Etc.), and perhaps succeed to turnover the guest final experience.

That’s it!

Now your guest has all the details he needs for his check-out, and you have a full view of his stay.

An email is being sent to the guest thanking him for updating his check-out details and reminding him the check out instructions from the wizard.

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