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Guest’s App

The guest personal area is the heart of the Duve platform for your guests.This personal web app holds all the most important information of their stay, including their reservation details, arrival instructions, property's guidebook, check-in information and much more.

In the first page, the guest can view the dates of his reservation, the address and a short menu to look around.

Desktop view:


In the first section, the Arrival info, the guests will find in one designed place all the information about how to check-in,  rental’s address on map and directions, their assigned greeter and more. All the data is available also in offline mode after the first login, and ready to print in one click.

The guests can view their arrival information they entered in the pre check-in wizard and can edit it until 48 hours before their arrival.


In the House-Manual, you can add any information that can help your guest get alone in your rental and the basic house rules.

You can add general house manual posts from the company’s settings page that fit all your rentals, and also unique posts per property from the property page in the system.

In each post, you can add a title, description, photos and PDF files.

There is also an option to add a time period per post, if you wish to greet the guest for a happy holiday or update them on a special event in the area in the near future, or renovation that will take place in the next few days.



In the Access-Codes section, the Duve platform concentrates in one place all the relevant codes that are registered in the rental’s page.

At first, the codes will be hidden, until you choose to reveal them to your guests. You can do that by either set automatic release to the “arrival emails”, that also includes the property codes, or by releasing them manually.

You can choose to release the codes before the guest check-in to the apartment, by entering reservation details in the front-desk and click on “Release codes“, or from the tasks page.

Here is the page before releasing the codes –

Here is the page after releasing the codes –

Duve offer an airport transfer for your guests, to make their arrival easier. The airport transfer option won’t be shown to guests that have chosen a check-in option that already includes the hosts transportation.



Services and fun

In the Services and fun area, the guest can check current events and offers from our local companies, and book directly from his mobile his preferred activities.

In the company’s info page, the guests can find all the helpful information you wish to share with them.  It is recommended to also fill in the “About Us” section, to increase your visibility, guest’s loyalty and brand awareness.

If you enabled the Chat option in the company’s settings, the guest will be able to send you messages from this page as well. Every message being sent through the chat from your guests, will be also forward to the hosts email address registered in the settings page.


Chat screen:


The guest area will be available to the guests during their entire stay, until a day after they check-out from the apartment. After the check-out, the link will lead the guests to your company’s website.

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