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How to setup Duve Upsells

By adding services to the Duve platform, Duve enables you to generate more revenues and enhance your guest's stay, seamlessly.

In order to start offering services to your guests in Duve, you need to first enable the Upsells capability.

To get to the upsell configuration page, go to the Duve’s front desk and click on the Upsell icon in the menu. Then click on the manage tab. In this page, you will be able to enable upsells and configure your payment settings.

To start using Duve upsell and offer services to your guests, click on the Enable button.

This will open you all the upsell module options.

Accept credit card payments

Accepting credit card payments will enable guests to pay online with credit cards for the additional services you add to Duve. You will receive the payments to your bank or Stripe account. Automatically.

To do so, click on the enable button in the top right corner of the page.

Enable your guests to pay with their credit card for your additional services and receive the payments to your bank or Stripe account. Automatically.

To do so, click on the enable button in the top right corner of the page.

The credit card payment method may vary, depending on the country from which you are connecting.

If Stripe is supported in your country, Duve will allow you to integrate with your Stripe account.

If Stripe is not supported in your country Duve will connect you to Payoneer, where you can connect your account or create a new account.

After you click on Enable and connect, it will open you a new tab, where you will be requested to add some of your company and bank account details. This is needed for Duve to be able to forward payment to your account automatically.

After you enable and connect your payment account successfully to Duve, you can enable credit card payments on the services you add to Duve. You will also be able to auto-split funds with external suppliers.


When you add a new service of either transportation or custom product, you have the option to add external suppliers to Duve. In each service, you can either add your company as a supplier or add external suppliers.


Please notice that after booking, only the supplier phone number will be visible to the guests (you can disable this in custom products).

Automatic payments

Each new external supplier you add can be connected to Duve automatic payments, but this is not mandatory.

Upon turning on “auto transfer payments”, Duve will automatically divide the payment from your guests between you and the supplier. Your company will receive the commission (according to what you set for the service), and the rest of the payment will be transferred to the supplier.

The payments will be forwarded to the suppliers 7 days after the service has been provided.

If there is a refund, or an order has been canceled, the payments will be withdrawn automatically from the supplier account, based on the cancellation policy set in the service.

If you turn on the “automatic payments” in the supplier’s page, and save your settings, the supplier will receive an email from Duve inviting him to connect his bank or stripe account to Duve, to receive the automatic payments.

If you choose not to connect the supplier to the automatic payments, all the income from the services connected to this supplier will be forwarded to your company’s account, and you will have the responsibility to transfer the funds to the supplier.

You can always turn back on or off the automatic payments for each supplier.

Duve Upsell service fee

Duve charge for the Upsell a 10% service fee.  The service fee is calculated based on the price of the service and is automatically deducted from the host’s payout for credit card payments, or billed from the hosts payment method for cash payments.

If accepting online payments by credit cards, the service fee doesn’t includes the Stripe fees or Payoneer fees (expect for the transportation services, in countries in the EU, where in Stripe it includes all fees).

The services can be offered through the emails, automatic messages, pre check-in & out wizards and in the guest app.

To read more and view the suppliers FAQ Click here.

To read about adding transportation services Click here.

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