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Before we drill down to the online check-in settings, it’s best to go over the Duve online check-in demo, to get familiar on how your guests will be experiencing the online check-in from their own device. 

Like all other parts of the Duve platform, the online check-in wizard is also web based with no need to download, and translated to the guest language. 

A few days before the guest arrival (you can control when), the guest will receive an email or SMS or WhatsApp inventing him to your online check in with an easy, private link. 

Here is an overview of the key elements you can choose to add to your own customized online check-in:

For advanced users, you can customize the online check-in by booking source and by reservation status. For example, guests that arrived from certain booking source won’t be asked to pay for their stay because they already collect the payment for you, and guests arriving from a different booking source won’t be asked to scan their ID because this specific booking source collects the guests ID for you. 

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