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Extra Pricing for Room Upgrade Offers

When creating a room upgrade offer you are able to add additional pricing options based on dates and weekdays.

Aside from the default pricing for room upgrades, you are able to add additional pricing in order to customize the prices by seasons, weekends, or specific dates. 

  • Click Add New in order to option a new price list 

Then, enter a name for the price list you are creating. The name is for internal use only and will not be visible to guests.

Enter the dates for when the price list you are creating will be active. You can even exclude specific days of the week in order to customize the pricing for weekends or weekdays.

After entering dates for the extra pricing, you will need to define the new pricing for each upgrade offer, just as you did with the default pricing you created. If you do not enter a price for a specific upgrade, the upgrade offer will not appear to guests. 

The new pricing will be active on the dates you selected, overriding the default pricing that has been previously entered. You are able to easily delete, edit and duplicate the additional price lists at any time for easy revenue management. 

Please keep in mind- if you create more than one "extra pricing" for the same dates, the higher price between the two will be presented to your guests!

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