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How to Create a room upgrade offer

Room upgrades are a great opportunity for upselling and increasing revenue per guest. This article covers the room upgrade offer setup and setting options

Duve’s room upgrade feature allows you to offer upgrades to guests before they arrive, based on your live availability, enhancing revenue management and optimizing occupancy.

Your guests will be able to see the room upgrade deals in the online check-in to ensure maximum engagement with the offers you create. Upgrade offers will also appear on the main page of the guest app, available for guests to book at any time. 

How to Create a room upgrade offer?

You can easily create a room upgrade offer from your upsell page in the Duve dashboard. Go to the "Upsells" page and select "Manage". Click on the green "Add New" button in order to create a new upsell. Select "Room Upgrade" from the drop down menu.


In order to enable a room upgrades you will need to complete the following settings: 

1) Brand – If your account includes multiple brands you will need to select what brand you want to send the offer from. Only rooms that are assigned to that brand will be included in your offer. 

2)  Booking Option – There are 3 options for managing room upgrades. 

  •  Instant booking – Allowing guest to book room upgrades without approving each deal in before conformation. You will get an “order completed” email every time an order is booked. Please notice you may need to manually update the reservation in your PMS (this depends on the PMS integration).

  • Require approval – Manually approve each upgrade deal before guests get a confirmation. You may need to manually update the reservation in your PMS after you approve it, depending on the PMS integration.

  • Guest bidding (recommended) –  Allow guest to place a bid on the upgrade offer while setting a minimum and maximum price. You will need to manually approve each bid before confirmation is sent to guests and may need to manually update the reservation in your PMS after you approve it, depending on the PMS integration.

    Learn More about the Booking Options for room upgrade deals. 

3) Room Types – In this section you select which room types you want to include in your offer and customize the image and description. You will need to enable all room types you want to include in your upgrade deals. Make sure to add photos, relevant descriptions, and room sizes in order to optimize your offer.

4) Price Level – Sort your rooms by levels, from the cheapest to most expensive level, so that Duve knows what offers to show your guests. Learn more about sorting price levels. 

5) Default Pricing  – Define the supplement price for each upgrade, these prices are on top of the rate the guest is already paying. Learn more about setting up pricing for the upgrade deals. 

6) Payment method – Select how you want your guests to pay for the upgrade, You can collect instant payment by credit card or allow guests to pay on-site by selecting the “add to hotel bill” option.

Please notice- When selecting the "Add to hotel bill" payment method you are allowing guests to book the upgrade offer without paying in advance. You will need to manually add the upgrade charges to the hotel bill and collect payment when guests are "on-site".

7) Extra Pricing – In addition to the default price list, you can also create extra pricing in order to customize the prices by seasons, weekends, or specific dates. Learn More about extra pricing. 

8) Advanced Options – In the advanced options you can limit the upgrade offers by inventory and add further customizations by booking source. Learn more about the advanced options.

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