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Confirmation Email

The confirmation email is a personalized email that your guests will receive immediately after they booked one of your properties. This feature, as well as our others, will save you a lot of time ?.

Edit your confirmation email

In the settings page, click on “View / Edit email template“. A window will appear with the Confirmation email that you can modify it as you want.

To edit the email, click on the section you wish to customize. On the left of your screen, the editing options will appear: change the text using the dynamic parameters and add a picture.

Smart & Personal

This email enables you to give a personal touch to your emails in a smart way.

You can add in each confirmation email the details of the reservation, property and company data. For example, the guest name, the check-out date, and the check-in date.

To do this, in each line that you can modify, open “Reservation data” from the left side and choose the dynamic parameter you want to add to the text. You can also add data about the rental and the company.


IMPORTANT: You need to click to “Translate to all languages” after you finished customizing your email (top left). Doing so will allow Duve to talk the same language of your guests! We currently support 12 (to read more about this feature, click here).

Show / Hide area

If you don’t want to show an area in the confirmation email, you can hide it by ticking “Hide area” in each line of the email.

If you want to re-show the hidden area, tick “Hidden area” at the top right and you will see your hidden areas again.

Finished?! Let’s go!

After you finished to edit your confirmation email, click on Save and go back to settings. In the “Confirmation Email” section you can enable/disable auto-confirmation email.

Please note that enabling the confirmation email doesn’t mean that the already existing reservations will receive it. Only the new ones.

Custom sending rules: here you can choose who will receive your confirmation email. You can choose specific OTAs, reservations status, etc.

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