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Check-in options

In this post we will go over the check-in options that will appear to  your guests in their online check-in wizard

There are a few default templates in the system, that you can use as is or with editing them, or you can just add new ones.

For hotels and hostels there is usually one check-in option which is the reception check-in. While in apart-hotels or vacation rentals agencies there could be many different check-in options depends on the day, hour of the check-in or the property itself.

Important: Smart Early check-in is not a regular check-in option, and it shouldn’t be added here. Because it is determined based on your real time availability, the setup is in a specific setting page only for that.

After you click on a default check-in option to add a new one, you will have a new page with three sections:

  1. Description 
  2. Time frames and prices
  3. Payment options


Here you are able to edit or add the description of this check-ion option. 

For example, if it’s a Reception check-in, you should write what the guest needs to bring to the check-in (i.e passport, credit card, etc.) and how it’s going to work. 

Another example, self check-in, what the guests need to complete before arriving to the rental, how are they going to receive the keys or code to the door, etc.

Like all other places in the system, you can write the text in your own language, and afterwards the system will automatically translate it to all the other supported languages. Just don’t forget to click on the Translate button!

Time frames and prices

In this section you need to edit at which days and hours this specific check-in option is available. For example, in Reception check-in, you should choose the starting hour from when your check-in starts, until the morning of the next day (for example for guests checking-in in the middle of the night). 

Another example could be for personal check-in in apart-hotels or vacation rentals, that is only available until the evening.

You can also add a price for specific check-in options, for example, let your guests choose from a self-check in with no costs or personal check-in with an additional cost. Another option is to have a check-in option free until a certain hour and with cost after a certain hour. This is of course less relevant for hotels and more for vacation rental agencies.

Payment options

If you added a cost for a check-in option, under the payments options you can set how the guests will be able to pay for it. Either by credit card, cash or for hotels ‘add to the room balance’.

On the top right you enable, disable, delete and save the check-in option.  

That’s for the check-in options settings page, now let’s move on to the ‘Require documents’’ page.

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