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Pre Check-in Wizard

Using the pre check-in Wizard, Duve will get you all the arrival details of your guests, includes their personal email and phone number, estimated time of arrival, preferred check-in method and scanned passports and credit cards if needed.

Several days before his arrival (you can choose exactly when in your company’s Settings) the guest receives email and SMS with his reservation information and a link that leads to the pre check-in coordination wizard.

The guest receive the email and wizards in the language connected to his country or phone number. You can change the default guest langues inside his reservation page.

As the first page of the wizard, the guest will see the general details of the reservation – dates, rental’s address and his name. If there’s a mistake, he can report it directly to you with one click:

In the next page, the guest can confirm or update the number of guests in his party, and update his phone number and personal email address:

After that, the guest needs to select how he is arriving to his destination, and add his arrival transportation details. You can choose in the settings if this step will be mandatory or not.

After the guest verifies and personal details, we ask him his estimated arrival time (ETA) to the rental and show him the available check-in options at his time of arrival.

You can set up how many check-in options that you wish, with different descriptions depends on different days and hours.

If the guest arrive by plane or train to the city, we offer him the ability to add transportation directly to his rental –

The next two screens are optional, and you can set them in the company’s settings if you wish to present them to the guests in the pre check-in wizard.

You can also choose to which booking source to present them and to which don’t.

The first screen is asking the guests to scan their passport or ID for local citizens –

The next optional screen is asking the guests to scan their credit cards details –

You can setup one or both scanning screens as mandatory, and the guests won’t be able to complete the wizard without completing these steps.

That’s it! From here the user is transferred to his online guest-app (read more), and an email is being sent to the guest thanking him for updating his check-in details with a link he can save leading him always back his guest app.

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