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Guest App & Guidebook

The Duve Guest App holds all of your guest's important information for their stay.

The personal web app holds all the information for their stay, including reservation details, check-in information, arrival instructions and the guidebook. 

Mobile View:

Desktop View:


Guest App


Check-in method, Address, Arrival Info, Reservation Info are fields that are populated from the Pre Check-in and the Reservation Information. 

Under Your Host, is the option for the guest to start a chat or call the office.


If a scanned document is required, the guest will be able to scan their ID or document from the Guest App. A copy of the signed E-Signature contract can also be viewed from here if it is a required step on the Pre Check-in wizard.

Taxi Upsell

A guest can book a round trip taxi from their Guest App. If the trip is not reserved through the Pre Check-in, the ‘Add our Ride’ and ‘Add our return ride’ will show in the menu.

Our Recommendations

This field shows your recommendations for Upsells at the accomodation, which can range from Tours, Mid Stay Cleanings and other offerings. 


To add a new post, category, post from a template or post for selected visibility, click ‘Add new’ and select the option.

When adding a Category, insert a name, select an icon to show on the Category Menu. Emojis can be inserted into this field.

When adding a new Post, select the Category and insert a title for the Post. The post visibility can be limited by tags or by room/ rental. 

To add to the post, click ‘Add first block’ to see the menu of each type of block that can be added to the post. A user can insert text boxes, images, videos, maps, PDF files and links to Upsells. For formatting, icon boxes, accordion posts, and spacers can be inserted. 

To link to the Access Codes, an ‘Access Room/ Rental’ block can be added to any post. 

Text box

There are formatting options such as headers, bullets, numbers, bold, italics, hyperlinks, dynamic parameters and emojis that can be added to the text box. 

When saving text, click to edit the text box, click ‘Translate’, then ‘Save’ so the text is auto-translated into every language. 

When adding images, they can be entered one at a time or in a slideshow format. To add one at a time requires multiple building blocks, while the multiple photos in a slideshow can be built into one building block. 

To add a video, paste the video URL and it will embed in the guidebook post. 

To add a map, insert the full address or the map coordinates.

Advanced Configuration

Each post can be added to the Arrival email, set with time restrictions, placed in the Guest App via shortcuts, limited by reservation status and booking source, and given an expiration date. 

Add to Arrival Email

Time Restrictions

A host can set time restrictions for when a post in the guidebook will be visible to guests.

Add a Shortcut

A host can link a post in other Guest App areas.

Expiration Date

A host can set an expiration date for a post to be disabled in the Guidebook. 

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