Pending Approval upsells

Creating ‘Pending Approval products and services allow you as a property to gain further flexibility with inventory management and operations. Require Approval – This option allows you to manually approve the

Digital Spots

Digital spots are the best way for your guests to connect to any place or service in your property through the digital experience.

Arrival Options

Looking to find out how your guests are arriving, or want to create some additional revenue by offering a taxi or shuttle service? This is the place for you. In

Check-in options

In this post we will go over the check-in options that will appear to  your guests in their online check-in wizard There are a few default templates in the system,

Basic Settings

In this post we will go over the basic settings for your guests online check-in wizard.  Like all of the Duve features, the online check-in is by default OFF. You

New Features

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