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Duve Product Updates – February 2022

We are happy to announce that we’ve released numerous updates to Duve, which improve overall experience and customization.

New Integrations:


Concardis is available for all our Hotels and Vacation Rental companies in Germany. Duve’s integration with Concardis supports immediate payments for the Payment for Stay and Upsells set to pay by credit card. 

Ingenico by Worldline is available for customers in Europe, the Americas and more. For all available countries, please visit their website and check your country:

Customers who connect Worldline can process immediate payments and preauthorizations for the payment for stay and upsells set to pay by credit. 

Key Providers

Dormakaba Legic is available to all Dormakaba customers who have an Ammbience server and are looking to offer guests access to their rooms from their mobile devices. Guest App download is required.

Please contact your regional Dormakaba technician to purchase the license for Servi Smart Solutions.

Salto ProSpaceAccess is a product of Salto which will allow your guests to enter their rooms from their mobile devices. Guest App download is required.

No extra license is required to integrate Salto ProSpace Access. Please contact the Duve Support team for more information regarding connection to Salto.


Extra Brands

Custom Products

Custom Products can be added to one brand or multiple brands. To limit upsells by brand, go to the desired upsell, go to Advanced options and add the desired brand/s in the ‘show only’ section. Click Save and now your upsell will only show for those brands. 


Canned Responses by brand


To create a canned response which will only show for a specific brand, go to Settings > Communication > Canned Responses. Then create your canned response and add the brands you would like to use this canned response with in the ‘Show in’ field and then Save. 


Auto Reply

Go to the Settings of your Extra brands and click on Communication>Auto reply. Click the override button to remove the main brand settings. Set your Auto replies and click Save. 


Chat Hours by brand

To adjust chat hours to a specific brand, go to the brand setup > Communication > Override. Then select your new Chat hours for this brand and then click Enable.


Smart Early Check-in by brand (COMING SOON!)

Online check-in settings per brand, E-signature per brand

After creating a new brand, you can adjust the Check-in options, Required documents settings, Terms and Conditions text/link, E-Signature, and Arrival options. Each time you would like to adjust the settings of the brand to be different from the main brand, click Override on the desired page, add your configuration and Save. 

If you do not have different settings for the pre check-in process for your different brands, you do not need to do any extra setup. 


Payment provider per brand

If you would like to add a different payment processor by brand, go to Advanced under the Settings of the extra brand, Override the current payment processor and Click ‘Enable’ to connect your new payment processor.


Filter pre-scheduled messages per brand

When creating a PreScheduled message, you can assign the prescheduled message to only show for one or multiple brands. Under the ‘Send to’ section, you can add one or multiple brands who will receive this message and your conditions to who the message is being sent to. 


Guidebook Posts per brand

To adjust a guidebook post by brand, Click ‘Edit’ and all the brands you would like this post to show for. Click Save.


Secure Storage for Required Documents 

Duve now offers secure storage for documents submitted through the Required Documents in the Pre Check-in. To enable this feature, go to your Required documents settings and enable the ‘Store uploaded documents on our secure storage for 6 months’.

Documents will be stored up to 6 months after the guest’s checkout date. 




Within the guest App there are now accessibility features for those who are visually impaired:


Analytics: Response Rate Widget

In the Analytics page, you can now see Response times for Guest Inquiries. There is also a filter so you can see the response rates during open hours or when away hours. 


Updating Hotel Name & Address in different languages

You can now define the hotel’s address in different languages. This translation will be reflected in all screens/areas in which the guest sees the hotel’s address – throughout the Guest Journey.

You can edit this by going into your “Company Info” section HERE, and then click the orange translation icon.

You will then see the translation module. Add a language and a translation, and click on “Update”.


Controlling Default Fonts for communications from Duve

You can now control the default font your guests will see in the guest app so that it can be more aligned with your brand identity.


Configuring the default language and translations for guests

In the event that the guest’s language cannot be recognized, you can now control – and limit – the language(s) displayed.

Limit Guest Language – You can limit guests to only choose certain languages to see content in

Original language – Choose the language that you are writing your content in

Manually managed languages – Choose languages which will not be autotranslated and manually manage these translations


Adjustments to the Personal Details & Custom Questions/Additional Information

You can now define the page in which each question is displayed – in the pre-check-in main page, or the guest questions page.


For example:

In Custom Questions Page:


In Contact Information/Personal Details page:


You can also define the question to be displayed only for a specific segment of users, selected from the filter list:


For example:

If the reservation has 3 adults, you can ask which beds to be made up. This question will only be displayed if a reservation has a 3rd adult guest, and will not display for reservations which do not fit this parameter.


“Mute” Setting for guests who no longer want to receive automated messages

If a guest wishes to stop receiving automated messages, you can turn on the “Mute” feature and stop them from getting those messages.

Turn on the Mute setting directly from the Chat in the Communication Hub or Reservation. 


New format for the Guidebook – Icon Grid

We have added a new display mode for the Guidebook categories, and you can even upload custom icons to maintain your brand’s visual identity and language across the Guidebook. Clicking on one of the icons will lead the guest to the relevant section.

An example of of a guidebook with each Categories’ format:

Minimalist & Card Grid


You can set this from the guidebook itself, by clicking on the advanced options section at the bottom of the page.


To add icons, edit an existing category or create New.
You will have the option to upload icons, as well as edit the category name.


Changing the location of the payment page in the Pre Check-in

You can now define if the payment page should appear at the beginning or end of the check-in process.


Define ‘Required Documents’ as mandatory

You can now define the document scan stage as mandatory in the Pre Check-in. Guests will not be able to complete the check-in process if they did not upload/scan a proper document.


** Please Note: In order to define this stage as mandatory, you must first define the number of documents required for each guest. This option is not available when the number of documents is set to ‘Unlimited’)


Changing the default platform language

You can define the default Frontdesk language to languages other than English.


We hope you like all of our new features and updates!
Have any questions or need assistance?
Feel free to reach out at 
We’d appreciate a positive review – you can leave it 
right here.

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