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Rooms/ Rentals

View all the rentals (/rooms) listed in your company. 
Once Duve is connected to your PMS or Channel Manager, the rooms/ rentals will be updated automatically.

To add a new rental manually, click ‘New Rental’


Under Connectivity, you can find Duve’s iCal link of the rental which can be placed on multiple booking websites to sync the rental occupancy from Duve in real time (syncs approx. every 10 minutes).

You can also use the Import iCal field to add iCals from 3rd party websites, which will sync INTO the Duve calendar.

Click here to view an example for syncing iCals from Airbnb.

Room Types for Hotels

Hotels: Duve pulls the Code, Quantity and Room Type information from your PMS and a user can also edit and add to the different fields. This information gets pulled for the Room Upgrade upsells. 

  • Brand – A user can assign a brand to the Room Type
  • Description – Room Type Description
  • Amenities – Tags can be created for different amenities in the room (e.g Air Conditioning, Bathrobes, WiFi)
  • In The Room – Fields include number of Bedrooms, number of toilets, number of bathrooms, maximum number of guests in the room, and size in m^2
  • Bed Types – Add bed types and quantities
  • Images – Add images of accommodation for Room Upgrade Upsell

Rooms/ Rentals 

Under Information, you can add or edit the general information of the rental.

The information in the codes fields such as Building Entrance code, Rental Code / Keybox Code,  Wifi name and Wifi code will be shared with the guests in the Arrival Email. This information will be available in the Guest App, only after the arrival email or arrival SMS is sent out.

Tags & Brand

A host can tag different properties – these are relevant for categorizing properties for security deposits, upsells and guidebook posts by tag. A host that has multiple brands under their account can add the specific brand to the property.

Override Check-in & Check-out time

 To override the Settings for check-in and check-out time per property, override the default settings and enter a new check-in time. 

Check-in options

In each rental, you can customize the check-in options. For example, if you have three rentals that require three different check-in options as Rental check-in, Office check-in, and Self check-in, you can override and select the option for one of your rentals to use only one of the check-in methods.

To override the Settings for Check-in option per property, select ‘Override default options’, then select the check-in options for the room/ rental by flipping the switch on the left of each check-in option. 


Override Security Deposit, Late Check Out per property

To override the Settings for these fields per property, flip the switch to green to override and select the desired security deposit amount, time frame for late check out or insert check out instructions. The check out instructions can be bulk edited on the Rooms/ Rentals page.


Default team member assign

If there are team members that are in-charge of the Check-in, Check-out or Cleaning of this rental, they can be added here, and they will be auto assigned to this property’s tasks for each new reservation.

Unique Cleaning Tasks

Unique cleaning tasks can be added to the rental in the Menu. These tasks will show in the Task Notes for the Cleaner in the post Check-out Cleaning.

Unique Contact Info


Unique cleaning tasks can be added to the rental in the Menu. These tasks will show in the Task Notes for the Cleaner in the post Check-out Cleaning.

Automation tools override

This menu is used to override any of the automated messages per property. Any of the communications can be overridden in bulk through the filters on the Reservations page.

Special Notes

Special Notes can be used as a dynamic parameter in the E-Signature page, on a Guidebook post or in the Arrival email.


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